Tired of Being a Landlord? Sell Your Properties Fast

Being a landlord is not for everyone. You have to endure dealing with bad tenants, and worst cases, you have to remind them to pay the rent. Moreover, when you have an open spot, getting a new tenant can be a struggle. You have to spend time and money on advertising. If you no longer want to be in this uncertain market, selling your home to a home buying company is your best choice. 

At Milwaukee House Solutions, we’re professional home buyers based out of Brookfield. We’ve been in this business for over fifteen years, and we’ve helped our customers regardless of their situation. 


Run-Down Property? No Problem.

We know your properties might have taken the beating over the years, whether from messy tenants or just the passage of time. Owning rental properties requires a lot of investment, and you may worry that selling will require even more investment.

At Milwaukee House Solutions, we buy properties no matter what condition they’re currently in. With us, you don’t have to worry about making repairs before selling. We buy your property as it is and take care of repairs ourselves. We make the buying experience as smooth as possible to save our clients any hassle.

We Buy Your Property For Cash

We’ll make an all-cash offer for your property. We won’t deal with a bank or financing because we buy your home outright in cash. Moreover, we won’t make you go through any paperwork or sign a contract that will bind you for months.

We can make you a fair, no-obligation, written cash offer once we have reviewed your information. We’ll get back to you in 24-48 hours to make you an offer. Get rid of your rental property quickly with Milwaukee House Solutions.