The Cons of Selling Your Home to Realtors During COVID-19

It’s normal to think of realtors when it comes to selling your home. However, with COVID-19, you need to be more careful and take extra precautions to stay safe. Although most real estate agencies have implemented new ways of selling homes, like doing online open houses, there are still many activities involved that can put you and your family at risk.

Let’s explore some cons of selling your home traditionally.

1. Repairs & Cleaning Up

Before listing your home, real estate agents will always recommend doing repairs and staging your home. You’ll have workers coming inside to inspect the house and advise you on the repairs needed. Doing repairs and cleaning usually represent a substantial quantity of money that you’re not always able to recover when selling your home. 

2. Potential Buyers Will Want to Visit Your Home

Even if you hold online house openings, there will always be people who want to visit your home before making a final decision. This puts you at risk for exposure to the virus.

3. Appraisals Are Needed

Appraisals are required for loans, which means you’ll have an appraiser entering and walking through your house. It’s always a risk during COVID-19, even if the appraiser uses protective equipment.

4. Long Waiting Time

The traditional home selling method through realtors takes a lot of time, and a pandemic like COVID-19 is no exemption. On the other hand, waiting times are expected to be longer. Usually, homes in Milwaukee take around three months or more to get sold. With the pandemic, people might take longer to decide whether it’s the right time to buy a new house.

5. The Sale Agreement Could Get Delayed

It wouldn’t be a surprise if, after finding a buyer, the sale agreement gets paused or delayed. During national or state emergencies, it’s normal for this to happen. The buyer could suddenly get laid off or be ineligible for a loan.

Milwaukee House Solutions: Your Perfect Match During COVID-19

With Milwaukee House Solutions, you don’t have to worry about all the things mentioned above. We are the perfect solution for selling your home during the pandemic while not breaking social distance restrictions. 

As home buyers, we can purchase your home without getting an appraisal done or doing repairs. Milwaukee House Solutions has enough equity to buy your home fast and as-is. Stay safe and sell your home fast from the comfort of your home.


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