Does any of this sound familiar?

Dave and his 4 siblings have inherited their mother’s house. The house hasn’t been remodeled since 1978 and it needs work. After taking out keepsakes and other memorable items, the house is still full of items that need to be removed.  Dave is the only local sibling and would be responsible for doing all of the updates and managing the process. Dave works full time and doesn’t have the energy, desire or time to spend on the house. They are looking for a way to sell the house for a fair price without the hassle, and not have to worry about the remaining contents.

Deloris is moving to a retirement community. She needs to sell her home fast so she can qualify financially to move. Her children’s priority is getting Deloris settled and comfortable in her new living arrangement, not worrying about updating and repairing the home and listing it with a realtor. They can’t afford to make the repairs or updates and would rather avoid passing home inspections, paying commissions, negotiating with buyers, and all of the other issues that go along with selling a home. They need quick and easy!

Milwaukee House Solutions has the experienced to work with seniors and their families. We understand the struggles seniors face and are able to help. We have the resources available to close as quickly as needed and buy homes for cash. Since 2005, Milwaukee House Solutions has helped hundreds of families solve their home sale problems.

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