No Tenants? What You Can Do About It

Finding it tough to find tenants during COVID-19? The world has taken an unexpected turn ever since the virus spread. The housing market has been profoundly affected by the crisis, and landlords have found it hard to rent their properties. If you’re a landlord and are tired of looking for tenants, you may consider selling your property  to get that burden off your shoulders.

Milwaukee House Solutions is a local home buying company providing win-win situations for landlords. Whether you own a house, apartment, condominium, studio, or any other kind of property, we can buy it from you for a fair, all-cash price.


How Do We Operate?

If you’re struggling to acquire tenants and don’t have any more time to spend on marketing strategies, we got you. We’re the first house selling option for many, because our house selling procedure makes it easy for our customers to sell their properties. We take care of the fees, the repairs, and the closing costs, leaving you with your cash and a burden off your shoulders.

Here’s how to sell your property to us

  1. Tell us about your property

All you have to do is fill out a short form on our website and provide us with some information (full name, email address, phone number, property address, number of beds and baths).

  1. We contact you

We review the information provided and make sure your property meets our buying criteria. After that, we contact you and set a quick appointment. Due to COVID-19, no physicals showing will be needed. You can provide us with pictures and videos so we can see the current condition of your home.

  1. Making you an offer

After gathering all the needed information on behalf of your property, we’ll present you with a written, no-obligation, all-cash offer.

  1. Setting the closing date

We can close in as little as seven days, or you can tell us when you want to close. Once the closing date is set, we give you cash.

All-Cash Offer With No Extra Expenses

At Milwaukee House Solutions, we give you cash for your property. We don’t need any bank as a financial intermediary, because we buy your property directly from you. Moreover, you will not spend any extra money during the procedure: no fees, no commissions. Just sit back and let us handle it all.