How to sell your home without realtors involved.

Unlike death and taxes, realtors are avoidable. In other words, no law mandates the services of a real estate agent when selling a house.

While most homeowners believe that realtors are essential to selling a house, there are those who want to sell a home with no realtors. Those who want to sell a home without a realtor does so to pocket the commission or to sell the property faster by offering a lower price without the realtor’s mark-up. In New York, for instance, realtor commissions can range from four to six percent. In Brooklyn, the average home price of $1,031,530 can mean an average realtor commission of $13,754 while in Staten Island, the average home price of $480,148 can earn a realtor an average of $10,803 in commissions.

However, one advantage of having a realtor sell your house experience: realtors can help identify why a house can be difficult to sell – or won’t sell at all. Expert realtors can, for instance, check if your house has mold, an underground oil tank, possible legal problems, lack of privacy from neighbors, is overpriced, or if it has the wrong scent, wrong light bulb or carpet color. If experience and advice are the only challenges, there’s an easy fix to sell your home without a realtor: search information online.

The Internet includes advice on how to control the emotional aspects involved in home selling; how to put the property on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) to reach the most number of prospective buyers; how to negotiate commission with the buyer’s agent, the finer points of the home preparation, promotion, showing, and of closing the sale, how to determine a realistic price based on local market analysis, when to sell and when not to as well as tips on home staging and effective photography.

And then there are the legal aspects. For instance, you should know your state’s laws on real estate transfers; the documents needed, the paperwork you must prepare, and who will sign what; how to handle encumbrances on your home; any mandatory disclosure laws that you must follow; home insurance policy requirements, buyer’s mortgage, and the escrow process; and the pitfalls of selling to unqualified buyers.

Is there a way to sell a home with no realtors quickly and without the headache? Can you make a phone call and sell your house at a fair price within a week – no matter its condition? Yes. Check out Milwaukee Home Solution’s quick, easy, and free process to sell your house without a realtor, and without hassle.